Chickens (Rhode Island Red Hybrid)


Product Description

All our chickens are Warrens, which are a hybrid of the Rhode Island Red. The Warren has a classic look about it with its reddish brown plumage and good size, and because it is a hybrid, tends to be a hardy bird. Our Warrens are very friendly and docile birds, quite often developing quite distinct personalities and temperaments; they are very happy to be handled and are easily tamed. Warren hens are excellent layers and can be relied upon to produce a regular egg supply. Our Warrens are wormed and fully vaccinated against:

  • Mareks Disease
  • Coccidiosis
  • IBD
  • Infectious Bronchitis
  • Newcastle Disease
  • Infectious Laryngotracheltis
  • ART
  • Epidemic Tremors
  • Salmonella

Chickens currently in stock: 50 x Longdown Warrens (hatched 22/03/17)
Updated : 11/08/17